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Connecting you to customers through creative content. Specialists in copywriting and creative strategy, Soloco helps you get buy-in from your audience. And keep them coming back for more.


There’s no better way to make a genuine connection with customers than with content.

From creative copywriting to delivering a clear content strategy, Soloco helps you connect with your audience in a way that engages, entertains and converts.

Check out our services and Connect with Content today.

About us

Led by Lee O'Connor, a creative with over 15 years experience in delivering first-class content, Soloco's mission is to get your customers to stop, look and listen.

By creating content that genuinely connects, we get your customers to open their eyes and ears to your brand vision.

From crafted copy to creative campaigns, let us help you build trust with your ideal audience - so they hang on to your every word and buy the things you're selling.

Go Soloco and connect with content today.

What They Say

“I've worked with Soloco for a year now and hand on heart, it's been a transformative experience.

They increased our turnover by 316% by expanding and enhancing our ideas, and being razor-sharp with their comms.

They‘re an absolute joy to work with. “

Will LyonsOwner - The Monro Group

“Lee's creativity flows through the words he writes. From creating engaging copy to finding the right tone of voice, he can lend his words and copywriting skills to pretty much anything.

His passion for every project we commission him for shines through.”

Jay HyndDirector - The Guide Liverpool

“Lee is a fantastic content and copywriter who always thinks outside the box.

He's constantly pushing the boundaries with his creativity and gives your brand imaginative ideas and concepts.

I recommend Lee if you want to create a story for your brand and accomplish the cut-through you need.”

Dhilon SolankiFounder - Story Locker



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