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You've played charades before, right?

A game so popular it only gets rolled out at Christmas. Usually right after your Nan's fallen asleep on the couch after too many sherries.

But all those ‘fun’ family hours you spent wildly gesturing, miming Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for your snot-nosed nephew haven’t gone to waste. They’ve taught you an important lesson.

Trying to express an idea without words is a nightmare.

Words give meaning and context to everything we do. They express our thoughts, our goals, our vision. That’s why the right words and tone of voice are crucial in business.

Because the last thing you want is for potential customers to be confused by what you’re saying. You want them to leave your website or sales page enlightened, entertained and inspired.

You want customers to read your words and know precisely what your brand is, what it’s about and what you’re offering them. Don’t you?

I’m Lee O’Connor, founder of Soloco. I write words that connect customers with your brand so they find it easy to spend time – and money – with you.

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