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Email Marketing

"Email marketing is dead" has been the chant of cool kids for years now.

From the dawn of Facebook in 2004 to the TikTok explosion of 2020, they’ve told us for years that social will replace email. That email is defunct. 

Well. According to research, email is far from death’s door. In fact, like Lazarus, it’s made a miraculous recovery. 

The report states that since 2021, 32% of people say they find brand emails useful. More than double the 15% a few years ago. 

Even more impressive is that 64% of people rank email as their first choice for receiving a brand offer. 

Considering that 99% of people check their inboxes daily and the average ROI from email marketing is 42 to 1, it’s plain to see. 

Email marketing is smashing it. 

For plenty of reasons. Such as…


There’s nowhere to hide with an email campaign. You can see who is opening your messages, where they’re clicking, and the actions they take. Meaning you can be flexible and adapt accordingly. 


The holy grail of marketing. Email lets you speak directly to individuals about their wants and needs in a meaningful way. It allows you to build close relationships and generate trust. 


Finally, an email list will always belong to you. It’s an asset you can build and develop, knowing it’ll always be there when you need it. 

With email, there’s no algorithm update or policy change from a platform that’ll take your list away from you. 

Whether you’re building subscribers from scratch or building on sign-ups you have…

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